Introducing Fishlike Sports Academy (FSA)


Fishlike Sports Academy, a spin off from Fishlike International Pte Ltd, is proud to announce that we are the official distributor of ChiRunning, ChiWalking and ChiLiving in Singapore and Malaysia.

ChiRunning, a technique founded by Danny Dreyer, is a revolutionary approach to pain and injury free running. While ChiRunning is not new in Singapore, the awareness of this technique has not been as revolutionary. As the running culture in Singapore enhances, we found it timely to now consolidate all efforts to introduce this wonderful technique to more runners.

Who Are We

Fishlike International itself has been in the business of educating athletes on the swimming technique, Total Immersion, since 1998. The founder himself, Tang Siew Kwan, is an Ironman Finisher who is familiar with the challenges and injuries that runners face. Together with another Senior ChiRunning Instructor, Aaron Lew, they have been coaching ChiRunning since 2007 & 2013 respectively.

Together with a pool of experienced and CR certified coaches plus a solid infrastructure to support the ChiRunning Education, we aim to help All Runners Achieve Their Goals Injury And Pain Free.