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How To Train To Run Faster

What Could Be Our Mindset? Athletes, and runners essentially, reiterate time and time again that running is not about the speed and the skill. Running, in essence, is about the mindset. That said, we

Impact Of Over Training

Possibly one of the worst words to hear for a runner, overtraining is the most common causative agent for athletic injuries. It is estimated that roughly 61 percent of all runners will stumble upon the

How to Train to Run

Why Do People Run? Not everyone is born with an instinctive drive to run. Often than not, people take up exercise to: They are passionate about the respective sport; running/swimming/cycling/golfing etc To relieve stress

Chi Running VS FIRST (Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training)

Running, nowadays, is serious business. For a long time, a runner’s primary focus was placed entirely on strength and stamina training, nutrition and hydration, stretching and body elasticity. Runners seemed largely unconcerned about the mechanics

ChiRunning VS Traditional Power Running: A Comparison

People In General, WANT To Live A Happier & Healthier Life! There is a global fitness phenomenon on the rise in today's day and age. Every corner you turn, every page you flip, every