ChiRunning Foundation

In this program, we will cover in more detail, the CR principles and CR Forms like Posture, Ankle Lift & ChiWalking, Leaning, Arm Swing, Begin Running, Gears and Stride Length, Cadence and Knee Bending Drills.

You will also learn core exercises that are targeted to improve your running form. Video analyses will be carried out to assist you in improving your running technique.

marathon athletes legs running on city road

Get A Foundation That Will Get You Far!

Here Is What We Cover In The Workshop

Part 1 (Classroom Environment)

ChiRun Introduction 

  • Introduction of ChiRunning Principles, aim & goals of running
  • Discuss causes of running injuries
  • ChiRunning basic & advanced focuses
  • Differences between ChiRunning & Conventional running

Part 2 (Outdoor Environment)


  • ALEC
  • CORE Stability Exercises
  • Weight shifting exercises

Ankle Lift/ChiWalking 

  • Walk on the spot VS Walk bending at waist
  • Normal walk VS ChiWalking


  • Lean on railing
  • Lean to run

Arm Swing  

  • 4 Arm Swing Exercises
  • Yi Chi focus

Begin Running

  • 3 step process
  • Run with leaning

Gears + Stride length

  • Hip swivel exercise
  • 4 gears in running


  • Running @ different cadence

Knee bending

  • Run with a bending knee

CORE Exercises

  • Learn core exercises for a better running form

Video Analysis of YOUR RUNNING

  • The coach will provide an analysis of your running before and after the application of the ChiRunning Techniques.  This will help participants to know the areas where they need to work on to run with a good ChiRunning Form.

How Will This Program Benefit Me?

For runners who want to have a deeper understanding of ChiRunning techniques and would like to be guided on how to adopt those techniques to your running, this is the program to attend.

In this full day workshop, you will begin to apply the CR form into your run.  Aim for an injury free run TODAY!

Program Fee And Duration

Program Fee : S$338

Duration: 6 hours

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