ChiRunning Basics

This is a 3 hours program aim to introduce ChiRunning basics to participants who would like to learn more about this technique.  To help participants apply what they have learnt, we cover both theory and practical.

Check Out Our Participants During The Class!

chirunning workshop photo

Check Out Our Participants During The Program!

Here Is What We Cover In The Workshop

The Right Posture

In order to reduce injuries, the right posture needs to be attained.  In this program, you will learn about how to achieve the right posture through ALEC.

The Effective Lean

You will learn how to work with the forces of the nature rather than against it.  This technique will help you to propel forward more effortlessly and quickly.

Good Arm Swing

Learn how to position a good and relaxed arm swing so that energy is optimized.

Breathing Techniques

Learn the basics to effective breathing during your run or walk.

Effective Foot Strides Frequency (Cadence)

Learn and experience the best cadence for your walking and running so that you can sustain your activity longer and more easily.

How Will This Program Benefit Me?

If you would like to know more about the ChiRunning technique before deciding if this approach is for you, this is the program to attend.  In learning some basic principles, you can see for yourself the difference between ChiRunning and other running approaches.

For a nominal fee, you will learn the principles and basics of ChiRunning from our certified instructors.

How Much Is This Program?

Program fee is S$50 and it covers both theory and practical portions.  In the practical portion, you will get to apply what was learnt.

Where Is The Venue For The Learning?

There are several venues that we use for this program.  The venue we use most often is at Oxley Bizhub 2 due to it’s centralized location.

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