Coach Aaron Lew

Senior ChiRunning Instructor


ChiRunning Coaching Experience

Aaron, Senior ChiRunning Instructor, began his CR coaching experience back in 2013 with talks, workshops and track lessons. He has since accumulated an enormous amount of experience training and coaching a wide range of runners. They could be executives, P.E teachers, teenagers, triathletes, golfer or competitive age-group long distance runners. This exposure has allowed him to gain, beyond himself, a deeper understanding of runner issues and the ability to solve them.

In addition to coaching runners of different backgrounds, Aaron also coaches in the areas of Functional Fitness (core strengthening, etc.) and Total Immersion Swimming. Alike coaching CR, both these types of sports too require an understanding of movement mechanics. CR’s stress on running forms and techniques requires a certain degree of technical understanding and this suited Aaron well since he is by profession, an Engineer.

With a huge amount of coaching experience plus an in depth understanding of CR and it’s practices, Aaron has helped many runners achieved their running goals. Read what have to say about his coaching from the testimonials provided below.

Personal Experience With ChiRunning

Aaron ran his first marathon at the age 19 closing at 3 hours 11 minutes. Shortly after, due to a high running mileage training approach, he suffered running injuries. Thus, it is apt to say that Aaron understands what an inappropriate training approach can do to an athlete.

Subsequently, using a multi-sports training approach, he switched to competitive endurance sports (triathlons, adventure racings, long distance running) and he continued this through his teens to his 30s. Although Aaron experienced many highs and lows in his racing career, he is still awfully passionate about running and to him, “running is a way of life for me for the past 25 years and will continue to be for a long long time”.

He is confident that he will be able to make running a sustainable and enjoyable activity for him simply because he uses ChiRunning principles. Prior to knowing ChiRunning (CR), most of his training runs were predominantly driven by heart rate, distance or intervals. It wasn’t till 2004 when he heard about CR through the recommendation of the current Singapore CR Regional Director, Mr. Tang Siew Kwan.   He did some research and attended some CR training and thereafter started to adopt the principles of ChiRunning into this running.

CR adopts the Principles of Tai Chi and the Law of Physics into running. The idea of using the pull of gravity by leaning to run and running with good postural alignments with relaxation are key points in CR. This running approach differs greatly from the conventional way of running where training are predominantly dictated by heart rates, intervals, force of muscles, etc., with minimum emphasis on running techniques, forms and mind-and-body integration (mindfulness). This thereby makes it revolutionary.

In Aaron’s words “The Holistic Approach in CR enriches my own running experience every time I head out the door. I believe running by using the CR Principles will help runners to run efficiently and remain injury free.   This will in turn enable runners to sustain and enjoy their running activity for a much longer period of time”.

List of related certification

S/N Certifications
1 Basic Sports Science
2 Senior ChiRunning Instructor
3 Standard First Aider (CPR + AED)
4 Tri-skills Level 0 & Tri-SG Level 1 Coach (in progress)
5 Total Immersion Swim Club Leader & Total Immersion Level 1 Coach


Recent and Outstanding Racing Experience

Events Achievements
IRONMAN Western Australia 2012 Finisher
TNF 50km Ultra Trail Running 2012 4th Men’s Open
Desaru Half Ironman 2008 Men’s 30-39 (Top 10)
Asian Triathlon Championship 2001 National Triathlete (Men’s Elite Category)
Mild Seven Outdoor Quest 1999, 2001 (World Class Adventure Racing) National/Co-operate Team Representative
SINGAPORE ExxonMobil marathon 2001 Local Top 10 (Men’s Category)
SINGAPORE Standard Charted marathon 2003 Local Top 10 (Men’s Category)