Coach SK Tang


Director, Fishlike Sports Academy Pte Ltd

ChiRunning Coaching Experience

Tang, ChiRunning Regional Director for Singapore and Malaysia, has been a fulltime sports coach for the past twenty-two (22) years. He is a very experience coach who is good at coaching both children and adults. Throughout his coaching career, he has had plentiful of experience in coaching a wide array of audience.

Some of his participants include those who are keen to learn the ChiRunning (CR) technique because they are passionate about the sport and would like to learn how to avoid injuries while some are performance based athletes gearing to participate in triathlons/marathons or IRONMEN.

Aside from coaching, Tang himself has participated in numerous races. An IRONMEN Finisher, he has used the CR techniques to help him overcome many running challenges. It is thus appropriate to say that he completely understands the pains and challenges that runners face and he is always able to help his participants meet and sometimes exceed their own goals and expectations to running.

Personal experience with ChiRunning

Tang started out as a swim coach specializing in the Total Immersion (TI) technique, a unique way of swimming freestyle. At the age of 16, Tang was already the youngest certified swimming coach in Singapore and in early 2000, he started to expand into coaching biking and running, thus heading towards becoming a Triathlon coach.
He was determined to find an effective running method that would be helpful for all his participants and he came across the idea of “running the Total Immersion (TI) way” a.k.a. CR from the TI Founder, Terry Laughlin.

He became curious and started to explore deeper into CR. CR adopts the Principles of Tai Chi into running and teaches to run by using the pull of gravity with a forward lean, running with relaxation and good postural alignments. The idea of running by using the Force of Nature (Gravity), and not by using our legs, is extremely different from the conventional way of “power running”, where the emphasis is on the force given to the legs/muscles, heart rates, etc.

The holistic approach of CR is similar to the principles of TI, which convinced Tang that this was what he has been searching for. He then became the first CR Instructor in Singapore in 2007.

In his words, “Ever since I became a ChiRunner, I have achieved far more than what I could imagine when I was a competitive swimmer many years ago. After a few years of persistent CR, I completed a full IRONMAN distance in 2012, and multiple Ironman 70.3 events from 2012 to 2014. I ran my best half marathon in one hour fifty minutes and my best marathon in four hours forty-eight minutes in 2013. CR has transformed my life from a water based athlete to a multi sports fitness coach and sportsman”.

List of related certification

S/N Certifications
1 Senior ChiRunning Instructor
2 Total Immersion Master Coach
3 ITU Level 1 Triathlon Coach
4 ASCA Level 1 Swim Coach
5 NROC Senior Swim Coach

Recent and Outstanding Racing/Coaching Experience

Events Achievements
IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya 2014 Finisher
IRONMAN 70.3 Cebu, Taiwan 2013 Finisher
IRONMAN Western Australia 2012 Finisher
Best Singapore Army Half Marathon 2013 1 hour 50 minutes
Best Singapore Sundown Marathon 2013 4 hours 48 minutes
Singapore Certified Swim Coach 1994 Youngest Certified Swim Coach in Singapore
Total Immersion Master Coach 2008 TI Master Coach (only 2 from Asia)