ChiRunning Talk for Corporates

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ChiRunning is a a revolutionary running technique, from the US, that is exclusively distributed, by Fishlike Sports Academy, in Singapore & Malaysia.

Originated from Tai Chi, ChiRunning is about moving our bodies from the centre and having our arms and legs follow. With this technique, runners can expect less laboured breathing and less sored muscles.

It is revolutionary as the technique rest on an approach towards effortless and injury free running. Thus, it is suitable for All Types Of Runners i.e. beginners to advance and All Ages.

Objective Of This Talk

Our talk is especially beneficial for companies keen to promote health and well-being through exercise to their colleagues.

In this 1 hour talk, we will cover the following:

Educate and create awareness among your runners/walkers on the importance of running efficiently with good techniques and form in order to avoid running injuries.

a) ChiRunning (CR) Principles
b) Causes of running injuries
c) Discussion of CR focuses
d) Overview of the differences between conventional running and ChiRunning

If Companies wishes to focus on Walking with good technique, we can also do the same and focus on ChiWalking instead.

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