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Video Analysis


A 2-page report analysis of the participant's run/walk.  This analysis will help you work on targeted areas to improve your running/walking form.

Product Description

How Is A Video Analysis Useful?

It is fairly common that injuries happen due to poor running mechanics and bad postures. Video analysis is the best tool to analyse your running and walking form and posture by using a fit-to-purpose computer software.

Therefore, if you would like to find out more about your own running/walking forms through visual feedback, our certified instructors can help you to achieve that goal with VIDEO ANALYSIS! We will be able to provide you with recommendations and suggestions on how to better apply the ChiRunning and ChiWalking technique, so that you can run and walk better with a good technique.

How Is The Video Analysis Conducted?

You will NOT NEED to travel!

After payment, simply film your run and email to admin@chirunning.sg. You will receive a 2-page analysis report in 7 days.

What Is Needed In Your Video?

There will be 2 videos, 10 seconds each, that will be needed for the analysis.

  1. Front view of your run i.e. You running towards the camera
  2. Side view of your run

How Much Will This Report Cost?

For this detailed analysis, it will cost S$50/report


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