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Here Are Some Success Stories From Participants Who Have Had First Hand Experience With ChiRunning!

Vincent Cheong – IRONMAN Triathlete

I came to know about Chirunning through Coach Tang. He was already involved in coaching kids triathlon which my son was involved in. I was interested in Chirunning as I was running quite abit and I did not want to injure myself in the process. Chirunning teaches me to run with good form. In addition, it enables me to run longer, injury free. I have completed my first Ironman in NZ using TI swimming and ChiRunning techniques.

Chris Bedsole – CB&I, Director of Operations, United States

ChiRunning transformed my life by allowing me, at 53 years old, to run pain free. Aaron’s mentorship and professional approach to teaching this technique made the entire experience a true pleasure. Aaron consistently provided great encouragement and his exceptional knowledge about the body and how it works allowed all of the students in his ChiRunning class to reach potential we never imagined possible. Because of the lessons I have learned from “Dr. Lew”, the best days of my life still lie ahead.

Jonathan Mills – RCI, Managing Director, Asia Pacific

I learnt of ChiRunning through a friend and went on line and found Aaron’s website to be very informative and comprehensive and emailed to find out more. Aaron responded to my email very efficiently with information and a solution which was a suggestion to join his workshop. This was the first time that I attended a running workshop, but I found Aaron is excellent, professional and I enjoyed and learnt from the workshop. Aaron has really re taught me how to run more efficiently and to avoid injury. Throughout the entire process, from the first meeting/discussion with Aaron to the completion of the workshop, I found Aaron is very personable, professional and the workshop was really enjoyable. I have done only one workshop with Aaron, and will do more with him by using his services.

Tushar Sinha – Principal, Private Equity, Asia Growth Capital Advisors

I have never been a good runner and always struggled to run more than 10 minutes even on a treadmill. Even when I wasn’t breathless, I’d suffer ankle pain and back ache. After I hurt my back last year I had more or less given up on running again. Each time I tried, I’d get sharp, shooting pains in my back and I didn’t dare risk further injury. When even brisk walking started hurting me, I realized perhaps my form was wrong and needed correction to avoid stressing my body. Based on a suggestion from a friend, I decided to try ChiRunning with Aaron.

While I was initially skeptical and was only hoping to do no more than brisk walking, Aaron’s rigorous emphasis on form and body alignment has helped me get to a point where I can now run 5k 3-4 times a week without pain. The transformation is even more amazing since it’s the first time in my life that I can do this (in my mid-thirties to boot).

His focus on drills and body feel are unlike any other training I received and actually very similar to the concepts taught in Total Immersion Swimming. I look forward to working further with Aaron and hope to someday complete a half marathon.

Lan Fong – Runner

It was through a workshop on Chi Running that I attended and that is how I got to know Aaron who is a ChiRunning instructor.

Aaron is able to demonstrate ChiRunning and the technic to me at ease. That provided me confidence to try out the course as I was a slow runner. I want to learn the skills and technic to run longer distance like more than 10km.

In class, Aaron observed and provided me with guidance, running side by side with me and constantly giving feedback on my posture and landings.

Having the right cadence, posture, alignment and arm swings helped to improve my running and recovery was fast too. I took 8 – 10 sessions of classes.
Aaron’s class is structured. Each class, he will focus on issues he felt I need to work on and repeat that so that I can remember and register in my brain.

I continue to practice Chirunning Technique and I am glad I managed to attain my personal bests.

Aaron Lew – Senior ChiRunning Instructor

I came to know Tang when I was training competitively in Olympic Distance Triathlon in the late 1990’s and early 2000. We had the opportunity to work together as a coach-and-athlete at a higher level in Triathlon racing when I was selected to represent Malaysia in the Asian Triathlon Championship in 2001. We had used Total Immersion (TI) Swimming as the training principles in our swim training.

In 2004, Tang had recommended me to use ChiRunning (CR) in my running. Being a TI swimmer myself, I appreciate the values and principles of CR. CR has adopted the Principles of Tai Chi, and applying the Law of Physics into running. The idea of using the pull of gravity by leaning to run, and running with good postural alignments with relaxation are key points in CR. This running approach is so different from the conventional way of running where training are predominantly dictated by heart rates, intervals, force of muscles, etc., with minimum emphasis on running techniques, forms and mind-and-body integration (mindfulness) during running.

I thank you Tang for helping and guiding me through, helping me to adopt sports training in a more holistic manner. I have experienced many highs and lows in my racing career. Regardless, at the end of the day, we all want to make sports an enjoyable and sustainable activity for as long as we could. I would say the Holistic Approach in CR has enriched my own running experience every time I head out the door for running. I finally became a CR Instructor in 2013, spreading the CR techniques to the sporting community. It is a very meaningful experience for me to be a CR Instructor.

Thank you very much, Tang.