What Is The ChiRunning Technique?

ChiRunning is a revolutionary approach to effortless, injury-free running. This running technique employs the basic principles of Tai-Chi which is about optimizing the flow of energy in our bodies, reducing the use of force moving forward and thereby reducing injuries of walking or running.

Do you know for a fact that nearly 70% of runners experience any injury every year?

With ChiRunning, you don’t need to belong to the 70%.

This has been proven scientifically from a study made in 2012 by the University of North Carolina at Chapel. It shows that CR produces less impact and is more efficient than three other common styles of running.
According to Dr. William Mullins at the Center for Rheumatic Diseases and Osteoporosis in Bethesday, Maryland, “ChiRunning is a unique running style that causes less stress for lower extremity joints and supporting structures than any other running technique. ChiRunning reduces the risk of running injuries and increases the chance that we can continue running into our 80s”.

ChiRunning is therefore suitable for ALL TYPES OF RUNNERS and ALL AGES.

  • Are you a beginner, intermediate, advanced or simply an injured runner hoping to come back to running?
  • Are you a runner who wishes to run more efficiently?
  • Or are you just looking to train and complete your first half or full marathon without injuries?
  • If your answer is YES to any of the above, ChiRunning is FOR YOU!

Use ChiRunning Technique To Achieve Your Goals!

If you wish to learn and attain the basics of ChiRunning, we have both instructor led workshops and self-learn packages that will help you understand this technique in detail.


In ChiWalking, people incorporate the classic Eastern methods with the basic action of walking for a sort of “mind and body connection” that lots of exercise experts love to promote.

This provides the beginners with the best opportunity of developing an all-natural health program that can help them control their health. This mind-body connection can help fitness people to deal with stress and build positive visualizations which can really help them to achieve their fitness goals.

Chi Walking can help you to improve your posture and strengthen all of your crucial core muscles. In addition, it can relax those tight and also overused muscles and help you gain cardio and aerobic training.

ChiWalking is for EVERYONE!

One of many exceptional and popular features of ChiWalking will be the large choice of potential individuals who may benefit from it in their certain life condition or interest area at any kind of moment.

As soon as the ChiWalking method has become learned, it could enhance all kinds of walking from simple outdoor hikes to demanding marathons.

Additionally, the range of benefits also includes people who are recovering from medical concerns like knee or hip replacements or simply older people who are having problems making their way around.

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Chi Walk-Run

The Chi Walk-Run program is one of the most interesting and latest improvements by ChiLiving. Using the principles of ChiRunning and ChiWalking, this strategy provides one more energy-efficient as well as injury-free method to you to be effective and to remain fit, at the moment and for a life time.

Do you know that numerous runners are finding it a great experience to include intentional intervals of walking? It is no longer an indicator of WEAKNESS!

This is because walking gives you a chance to restore and increase your practice of the Form Focuses, recover in case you feel tired, and expand the time on your own feet if you are practicing for a long distance event.

The Chi Walk-Run strategy helps you to securely move between running and walking and will get you up to the 5K range in just eight weeks. Shifting properly between walking and running is the crucial step in lowering the impact, saving more energy and preventing the recurring of a nagging injury that will stop you from training.

It is a really perfect program for starters who wish to try both techniques and it is a wonderful way for runners who are trying to recover from an injury to restore their fitness and improve their technique.

If you are currently walking or have intention to begin a fitness plan which includes walking, you will discover that Chi Walk-Run is a one more step forward.

So, if you are looking to begin a fitness program, lose some weight or come back from any injury, our Chi Walk-Run Self Learn Packages are for YOU!

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ChiRunning Workshops

    • ChiRunning Foundation – 1 day program
      If you are new to ChiRunning, join our instructor led classes which imparts the principles and main form focuses in 1 day. This mix of theory and practical class promises great learning adventure.
    • ChiRunning Basics – 3 hours program
      If you would like a quick introduction to ChiRunning before deciding if this is the technique for you, come join our 3 hours Basics workshop.


ChiRunning Self Learn Packages

For those who find it hard to physically attend any workshop(s) due to work or family commitments, we understand your constraints.
We have therefore arranged an array of self-learn programs that are packaged to help you meet your running goals.

  • Long Distance – 10km for Beginners, Half Marathon, Marathon
  • Middle Distance – 5km for Beginners

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