In case you are fan of running, you might have listened to the expression, “Chi Running”. Many of us could relate the term “Chi” with a Chinese martial art, “Tai – Chi” and imagine that it has something related to mindfulness.

But…What is ChiRunning?

ChiRunning is actually a Tai Chi inspired method of running which enables individuals to run much longer, less dangerous as well as faster with much less effort. Chi Running was developed by Danny Dreyer, an American runner and also a Tai Chi practitioner in 1999. Dreyer reveals in his publication that Chi Running is focused on taking the running form and technique back to the method that you used to run as a youngster. All kids run easily, simply by moving together with the nature, simply by using the power of gravity. Then again, people use to collect many bad practices when they become adults and find themselves running by moving contrary to the nature, thus needing greater levels of energy, focus, and raising the probability of injury.

young asian women jogging in the park

What makes Chi Running different from regular running?

The main and biggest differences regarding Chi Running and ordinary running is that Chi Running shows you how to use “tendons and ligaments” to run in place of muscles in ordinary running. As stated by Dreyer, this is designed to make you run more successfully, and minimize the possibility of injury.

Who and how was the ChiRunning invented?

Danny Dreyer is the founder of both the ChiRunning and ChiWalking, innovative styles of moving which mix the fine inner focuses of Tai Chi with the running as well as the walking. His discovery depends on his research of Tai Chi along with Master Zhu Xilin and worldwide famous Master George Xu, of course, here is involved and his 35 years of experience while running, racing on some of the most recognized ultra marathons and training individuals in “intelligent movement”. He has trained lots of people with the ChiRunning and ChiWalking methods having some fundamental results. All is explained in the Danny’s first books, ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-free Running which was released April, 2004, by Simon & Schuster, and ChiWalking: Five Mindful Steps to Lifelong Health and Energy which was published in March, 2006. Also, Danny as a founder of this technique has become a featured speaker at the renowned Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles Marathons, along with plenty of other health and fitness gatherings nationally. Danny also writes a month-to-month newsletter and has been posted in Body & Soul Magazine, Running Times and many others. He also has gotten press in the Time Warner’s Health Magazine, Shape Magazine, AOL, Fitness Magazine, Washington Post, Elle, New York Times and lots of newspapers, magazines and websites across the America and in foreign countries. Dreyer is also and an experienced Ultra Marathon runner (contests longer than a marathon) and also has raced every single length from a 10K to 100 miles. There are 40 ultra-marathons successfully completed behind his name since 1995, finishing among the top 3 in his age class in every but one. Danny has always lived a lifestyle concentrated on holistic living, personal wellness and meditation for more than three decades. Balanced eating, actual physical workout and reviving exercises are mainstays in Danny’s life and the basis of what he educates. He enables his trainees to live pro-active lives. No matter if training a professional runner or a company manager, he teaches techniques that engage inside one’s inner strength and power.

How Chi and ChiRunning are connected?

Chi is the symbol of the energy – the life serving energy that connects our body with our mind and spirit. Every person has Chi. When someone finally dies, the Chi will be no longer there. It can take a lifetime (or lots of lifetimes) to go through in order to comprehend, build and direct one’s Chi like the Masters do. However, great steps can be created to improve and direct one’s Chi with easy workouts and techniques. It’s usually well worth the effort. It can be incredible how well the body answers to good care even if we have not taken care of it or it was being abused for a long period. All that is part of the purpose of Chi. When you have Chi which is powerful, well balanced, streaming inside your body and well focused, you express power and well being. A healthy body and powerful, well balanced Chi is pretty much the same thing. As part of Chinese Medicine one of the factors of bad health is the inaction or blockage of Chi. As part of Tai Chi, for ChiRunning and ChiWalking some of the targets have always been to raise the level of Chi, to understand, to target your Chi as well as to ensure your Chi does not get stagnant or blocked. Master George Xu, which is one of the most famous Tai Chi instructors, is always working to get his trainees to focus on their dantien, their center and to have their Chi come from one place and move into the limbs to make a motion. The Reason Why? Simply because Chi is more powerful than muscles and motion which comes from Chi is more and significantly effective. Can this be more powerful compared to muscles? In the Western culture, muscles are nearly comparable to a god. They worship the muscles and what they express. Covers of many magazines and TV advertisements proclaim rock-hard abdominal muscles and buns of iron. What can be stronger than rock and iron? In Tai Chi trainees rapidly discover that muscles are not the main factor when it comes to the power of Chi. In ChiRunning and ChiWalking, the power of Chi can take you a lot further and a lot quicker compared to sensitive muscle mass which duration is really short-lived. Your dantien is placed slightly below the navel and a few inches in the direction of your spine. The ChiRunning and ChiWalking are encouraging all movements, all actions, all choices to come out of this center, which deeply is placed in your body and which is home to your biggest capacity and energy.